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Five Eyes Lack Foresight: Misguided Efforts to Weaken Encryption Place Everyone at Risk

Keir Lamont

You’ve heard this one before: law enforcement authorities, citing concerns that their ability to lawfully access individuals' electronic data and communications is ‘going dark’, are seeking to compel companies to build exploits into their own products and services to enable the production of user data on-demand. These efforts run smack into the enduring technical consensus that there is no way to build such exceptional access mechanisms, commonly known as ‘backdoors,’ into encrypted devices and communications for use by law enforcement that would also be reliably off-limit to criminals, for...

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The Disruptive Competition Project (DisCo) explores how technology and innovation intersect with cutting-edge business, competition, and policy questions. DisCo experts focus on how disruptive change in the modern economy influences policy choices around technology both nationally, and internationally. Learn more

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