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The Paradox of EU Ex-Ante Market Regulation for Gatekeepers

Kay Jebelli

There is an ongoing campaign by tech competitors urging governments to do something about big tech, and then showering them with praise when they do. But basing policy choices on shallow rhetoric and special interests instead of sound evidence risks unintended consequences for the broader economy. The risk is greatest where justifications for policy choices are incoherent. The paradox of ex-ante market regulation as applied to digital “gatekeepers” is the latest example.

In February the European Commission publicly prioritised the study of “ex-ante rules to ensure that markets characteri...

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The Disruptive Competition Project (DisCo) explores how technology and innovation intersect with cutting-edge business, competition, and policy questions. DisCo experts focus on how disruptive change in the modern economy influences policy choices around technology both nationally, and internationally. Learn more

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