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Federal Consumer Privacy Resources



As the world becomes increasingly data-focused, more attention is being paid to the impact of the collection and processing of personal information on both individuals and society and how improvements can be made to protect privacy. It is important for the U.S. to have a trustworthy information ecosystem characterized by clear and consistent consumer privacy rights, transparency, and organizational accountability. The enactment of comprehensive federal privacy legislation can help guarantee that data is handled in a responsible and protective manner while also ensuring that the benefits of innovation and new technologies are available to U.S. consumers and businesses. 

Efforts to enact consumer privacy legislation in the 117th Congress can be facilitated through considering and building upon previous efforts. To that end, Project DisCo is maintaining this resource page of key federal privacy bills, Congressional hearings, and stakeholder model laws that have been introduced in recent years.

Federal Privacy Legislation: (Last updated 12/02/2021)

  1. H.R. 6027: Online Privacy Act introduced 11/18/2021 by Reps. Eshoo (D-CA) & Lofgren (D-CA). Previously H.R. 4978 introduced 11/5/2019.
  2. House E&C Republican Discussion Draft: Control Our Data Act released 11/3/2021.
  3. S. 3065: Digital Accountability and Transparency to Advance Privacy Act introduced 10/26/2021 by Sen. Cortez Masto (D-NV). Previously S. 583 introduced 2/27/2019.
  4. S. 2499: Setting an American Framework to Ensure Data Access, Transparency, and Accountability (SAFE DATA) Act introduced 7/28/2021 by Sens. Wicker (R-MS) & Blackburn (R-TN). Previously S. 4626 introduced 9/17/2020 and the United States Consumer Data Privacy Act discussion draft released 11/29/19.
  5. S. 2134: Data Protection Act introduced 6/17//2021 by Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY). Previously S.3300 introduced 2/13/2020.
  6. S. 1494: Consumer Data Privacy and Security Act introduced 4/29/2021 by Sen. Moran (R-KS). Previously S. 3456 introduced 3/12/2020.
  7. S. 1444: Mind Your Own Business Act introduced 4/29/2021 by Sen. Wyden (D-OR). Previously S. 2637 introduced 10/17/2019 and the draft Consumer Data Protection Act released 11/1/2018.
  8. S. 919: Data Care Act introduced 3/24/2021 by Sen. Schatz (D-HI). Previously S. 2961 introduced 12/2/2019 and S. 3744  introduced 12/12/2018.
  9. H.R. 1816: Information Transparency & Personal Data Control Act introduced 3/10/2021 by Rep. DelBene (D-WA). Previously H.R. 2013 introduced 4/1/2019 and H.R. 6864 introduced 9/24/2018. 
  10. S. 113: Balancing the Rights of Web Surfers Equally and Responsibly (BROWSER) Act introduced 1/29/2021 by Sen. Blackburn (R-TN). Previously S.1116 introduced 4/10/2019 and H.R. 2520 introduced 5/18/2017.
  11. Sen. Brown (D-OH) Discussion Draft: Data Accountability and Transparency Act released 6/18/2020.
  12. Bipartisan House E&C Staff Discussion Draft: released 12/18/2019.
  13. S. 2968: Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act introduced 12/3/2019 by Sens. Cantwell (D-WA), Schatz (D-HI), Klobuchar (D-MN), & Markey (D-MA).
  14. H.R. 4978: Online Privacy Act introduced 11/5/2019 by Reps. Eshoo (D-CA) & Lofgren (D-CA).
  15. S. 1214: Privacy Bill of Rights Act introduced 4/11/2019 by Sen. Markey (D-MA).
  16. S. 142: American Data Dissemination Act introduced 1/16/2019 by Sen. Rubio (R-FL).

U.S. Administration Frameworks:

  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), “Privacy Framework: An Enterprise Risk Management Tool” (Jan. 16, 2020)
  2. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA): “Developing the Administration’s Approach to Consumer Privacy” (Sept. 26, 2018)
  3. Obama Administration Discussion Draft, “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act” (Feb. 27, 2015)

Congressional Hearings:

  1. Senate Commerce Committee: “Enhancing Data Security” (Oct. 6, 2021)
  2. Senate Commerce Committee: “Protecting Consumer Privacy” (Sept. 29, 2021)
  3. Senate Commerce Committee: “Revisiting the Need for Federal Data Privacy Legislation” (Sept. 23, 2020)
  4. House Energy & Commerce Committee: “Oversight of the Federal Trade Commission: Strengthening Protections for Americans’ Privacy and Data Security” (May 8, 2019)
  5. Senate Banking Committee: “Privacy Rights and Data Collection in a Digital Economy” (May 7, 2019)
  6. Senate Commerce Committee: “Consumer Perspectives: Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework” (May 1, 2019)
  7. Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Manufacturing, Trade and Consumer Protection: “Small Business Perspectives on a Federal Data Privacy Framework” (Mar. 26, 2019)
  8. Senate Judiciary Committee: “GDPR & CCPA: Opt-ins, Consumer Control, and the Impact on Competition and Innovation” (Mar. 12, 2019)
  9. Senate Commerce Committee: “Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States” (Feb. 27, 2019)
  10. House Energy & Commerce Committee: “Protecting Consumer Privacy in the Age of Big Data” (Feb. 26, 2019)
  11. Senate Commerce Committee: “Consumer Data Privacy: Examining Lessons From the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act” (Oct. 10, 2018) 
  12. Senate Commerce Committee: “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy” (Sept. 26, 2018)

Stakeholder Model Legislation:

  1. Uniform Law Commission, “Uniform Personal Data Protection Act (July, 2021)
  2. Consumer Reports, Model State Privacy Act (Feb. 24, 2021)
  3. Cyberspace Solarium Commission, Personal Data Security and Privacy Protection Act (July 2020)
  4. Brookings Institution, Information Privacy Act (June 3, 2020)
  5. American Law Institute, Principles of Law and Data Protection (Oct. 2, 2019)
  6. Information Accountability Foundation, Fair Accountable Innovative Responsible and Open Processing Enabling New Uses that are Secure and Ethical (FAIR and OPEN USE) Act (Sept. 23, 2019)
  7. Intel Corporation, Innovate and Ethical Data Use Act (May 27, 2019)
  8. World Privacy Forum, Consumer Privacy and Data Security Standards Act, (Apr. 10, 2019)
  9. Professor Jane Bambauer (University of Arizona), Data Stewardship Act (Mar. 12, 2019)
  10. Free Press & Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Online Civil Rights and Privacy Act (Mar. 11, 2019)
  11. U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Federal Consumer Privacy Act, (Feb. 13, 2019)
  12. Center for Democracy & Technology, Federal Baseline Privacy Legislation Discussion Draft (Dec. 5, 2018)

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