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Could Cybersecurity Cooperation Be the Low Hanging Fruit of EU-U.S. Trade Talks?

Rachael Stelly

Both the U.S. and the EU face an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, and the upcoming trade discussions are a unique opportunity for both blocs to develop a shared understanding on how to address this common challenge. While there may be several challenges on specific chapters, it is in the interest of both the EU and the U.S. to set the global standard on cybersecurity and seek alignment on voluntary, risk-based cybersecurity standards and best practices. (more…)

What is DisCo?

The Disruptive Competition Project (DisCo) explores how technology and innovation intersect with cutting-edge business, competition, and policy questions. DisCo experts focus on how disruptive change in the modern economy influences policy choices around technology both nationally, and internationally. Learn more

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Meat the Competition

Lately, substitutes to the commonly produced and available meat and seafood in stores and restaurants have garnered lots of attention […]

· May 10, 2019

The Coming Evolution of the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is on the cusp of an exciting evolution: Having first transitioned to games in the digital space, now expanding to gaming across platforms and devices, the video game industry is poised to offer “gaming as a service”.

· April 18, 2019

The Trade-Offs in Sen. Warren’s Plan: Strict Separation Has Costs

There are now several proposals that include a strict structural separation rule in the tech industry (e.g. Sen. Warren’s proposal). These proposals would mean a complete bar on many types of acquisitions that are currently permissible. While much has been written on these proposals, it would be useful to provide some trade-off analysis examining the strict separation rule as a policy preference.

· April 15, 2019

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