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    Thank you for the mention! We’d only like to clarify that People+ doesn’t promise any ‘automatic facial recognition’ or any facial recognition at all. Our user’s privacy is one of our priorities and we don’t want to do anything that they are uncomfortable with.
    People+ is not a social network or contact app. It is a directory of business information that people have chosen to make public. The only time proximity based information would be communicated is when a person has purposefully broadcasted their location. For example, if a vendor was attending a trade show and they were looking for a partner or customers, they could broadcast this information and invite them to talk to them. We are happy to continue the dialog on Twitter @PeoplePlus or email contact@getpeopleplus.com

    • http://robpegoraro.com Rob Pegoraro

      Thanks for the note, and I apologize for reading your demo as incorrectly as I seem to have done. (It seems I wasn’t alone in making that mistake, but that’s not much of an excuse.) I’ll get the post updated.

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