Demoing the DisCo Studio

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We are pleased to introduce “Inside the DisCo Studio,” a new video feature.  Dan O’Connor’s post from yesterday on the Top 5 Disruptive Gifts now has an accompanying video of him talking with fellow DisCo contributor Rob Pegoraro about the five gift ideas.  Below is another video, of Matt Schruers talking to Rob Pegoraro about patent policy:

Matt discusses some different ways of conceptualizing intellectual property, as ‘property,’ or ‘regulation.’  Matt had explained a lot of these issues and how they relate to copyright in his post on Derek Khanna’s now-infamous Republican Study Committee memo, and it’s similarly useful to hear them applied to patent policy.

Matt also notes that the Supreme Court has been taking a lot of patent cases recently, as Dan had posted about a few months ago, due to the need for patent reform.

For more on problems in the patent system, be sure to check out another CCIA project:  Patent Progress.