Litigation Update on DISH’s Recent Wins

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Though it’s not yet quite as confusing as the four jurisdictions considering the legality of Aereo and FilmOn X (for more on that, see this infographic), litigation against features of DISH’s Hopper service (a set-top box with DVR capabilities) has reached the point where we need to do an update.

We last covered this litigation in July, when the 9th Circuit affirmed a California district court’s denial of Fox’s motion for a preliminary injunction on “PrimeTime Anytime” (the Hopper feature that lets consumers record primetime content on the four major broadcast networks) and “AutoHop” (the Hopper’s commercial skipping feature).

On Monday, another one of Fox’s motions for a preliminary injunction was denied in the same docket in California over another feature, the “Hopper with Sling,” which comes with the “DISH Anywhere” app (the Hopper feature that lets consumers watch live or recorded TV on a computer, tablet, or mobile device).

This issue is also currently being litigated in New York, where last week a district court judge denied ABC’s motion for a preliminary injunction over the AutoHop feature.

As it stands now, DISH is allowed to continue offering consumers its innovative new services across the country.

  • krit

    Aereo for sure is causing sensation … at least so far. Will Aereo herald the stir of “newness video transmission competition”? Has Aereo initiated a legacy for others to compete and succeed? If Aereo has a right to compete then so do others.