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The Telecommunications Act’s “Good Samaritan” Protection: Section 230


(1) Overview

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is regarded as “the most important law in tech” because it encourages investment and innovation on the Internet by providing legal certainty to services that they will not be held liable for the speech or actions of third parties.  Section 230 makes possible the Internet as we know it today: social media, blogs, image sharing, forums and comment sections — any service that enables users to submit content.  Literally every online platform that allows users to post information, share content, and comment relies on Section 230.

(2) Articles

  1. Matt Schruers — Why State Regulation of Online Services Threatens the Internet Economy 8/3/2017
  2. Matt Schruers — Content Providers vs. Content Hosts: Prosecuting Bad Actors Without the Backpage Bill 8/4/2017
  3. Matt Schruers — SESTA Hearing: Searching for Common Ground, Fixes to Unintended Consequences 9/19/2017
  4. Matt Schruers — House Hearing on Section 230: What’s the Problem with a Knowledge Standard? 10/4/2017
  5. Matt Schruers — Section 230 Criticism Explained 3/14/2019
  6. Ashkhen Kazaryan —Some conservatives need a First Amendment refresher 5/21/2019
  7. Bill Easley II — When ‘Fairness’ Becomes Censorship 5/24/2019
  8. Jeffrey Westling — Hawley’s Attack on Section 230 Hurts Conservatives 6/24/2019
  9. Jonathan Band — Trademark Decision Casts First Amendment Doubt on Hawley Bill 6/25/2019
  10. Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin — Holding the technology industry hostage 7/1/2019
  11. Charles Duan — Trump wants an unbiased social media platform; he should have the government make one 7/16/2019
  12. Sarah Jeong — Politicians Want to Change the Internet’s Most Important Law. They Should Read It First. 7/26/19
  13. Carl Szabo — Section 230 Is the Internet Law That Stops the Spread of Extremist and Hate Speech 8/27/2019
  14. Ali Sternburg — Why Do So Many Section 230 Stories Contain Corrections? 9/3/2019
  15. Matt Schruers — Debate Over Online Content Embodies “Moderator’s Dilemma” 9/4/2019
  16. Jonathan Band — Section 230 and the Future of the Open Internet 9/5/2019
  17. Ethan Wham — An Economic Case for Section 230 9/6/2019
  18. Kate Ruane and Jennifer Stisa Granick — Our Online Speech Rights Are Under Threat 10/15/2019
  19. Rob Winterton — Section 230 Should be in Our Trade Agreements. Here’s Why. 10/15/2019
  20. Matt Schruers — Myths and Facts about Section 230 10/16/2019
  21. Eric Goldman — The PLAN Act Proposes to Amend Section 230 to “Protect”…Landlords and Hotel Chains? 10/16/2019

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